Neckties are Sexist

If the feminist movement changed anything, it was the rate at which people would be offended by otherwise innocuous things. From FoxNews:

A group in charge of promoting Florida’s economic development released a new logo on Thursday, and it is causing a gender debate.
Enterprise Florida has unveiled its new logo: the word “FLORIDA” written in green letters, with the “I” represented as orange necktie. The tag line reads, “The Perfect Climate For Business.”
But some women business leaders said the logo is sexist, saying that most women don’t wear neckties.

“I thought immediately that it set us back, all the work that we’ve done. It’s not that they have to make it pink or ‘girlie,’ but maybe put a briefcase or something like an iPhone or smartphone in there to represent business,” said Pamela Rogan, the President of the Central Florida Chapter of NAWBO, the National Association of Women Business Owners. “There are a lot of other icons I think can better represent business.”

Rogan, and other women who have posted their comments online after the new logo was unveiled on Thursday, said if the idea is to attract new business to the state, it may not attract some female CEOs, reports.

“When you’re going to a strange place, and you think that’s the stigma that’s there, you may think twice,” she said.

Enterprise Florida Public Relations Manager Sean Helton says the group has no intention of changing the logo.

“We feel confident in the brand, as a clear and effective message to both businesses in the state and worldwide, that Florida is a top destination for business,” he told
Helton added that the company interviewed 25 female executives before the logo launched, and none of them had any complaints about it.

Things to notice:

  • Most women don’t wear neckties, so neckties are sexist. Keep in mind that no one is stopping a woman from wearing one except fashion sense.
  • There is no “National Association of Men Business Owners”, but this is not sexist.
  • Having a necktie on a logo sets back the feminist movement enough that it takes away “all the work [a feminist organization] has done”.
  • People don’t notice sexism unless someone who is actively looking for it finds it (25 females didn’t find the sexism when tasked with doing that very thing, but one feminist who was not invited to do so did anyway).
  • iPhones, Smarthphones, and Briefcases can all apparently replace the letter “I” in “FLORIDA” as well a necktie.
  • A necktie in a logo for a company warrants a news story and press release.

This whole story, of course, will be made meaningless by the imminent defeat of sexism in regard to neckties. Soon, feminism will wipe away any memory of the connection between neckties and masculinity, and then the logo will be feminism-approved, to the delight of moderns everywhere. Now that’s progress.

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