Battle For the Sexes

In the clean and shiny home of The Future™, men and women will be interchangeable creatures. There will be machines to do the cleaning, the sewing, the cooking, and the teaching so that all the adults can make it as high as they’d like up the corporate ladder. Parents 1 through N will spend time with each other and any of their mechanically grown designer children. All references to differences between men and women will have long since passed from the minds of the enlightened citizens of this utopia, and all we be quite the wiser for it. Best of all, the Christian Church, that archaic organization that almost fell into antiquated oblivion, will be alive once more, carrying on the Gospel that gender-neutral Jesus once offered a primitive and barbaric people: For God so loved the world that thoughts about Him inspired a prophet who would defeat the only evil the world had ever known, the false notion of differences between men and women, that whosoever should believe this truth shall not perish but shall always be happy”. And all will rejoice night and day in this genderless and entirely modern world with no gender-based pronouns or segregated bathrooms. People born as men can bear children and people born as women can be super-tuff front-line soldiers (Just kidding! There won’t be war once masculinity is banished from the hu[she]man race!). Doesn’t this all sound lovely?

If you are a man with a single ounce of masculinity or a woman who has even once smiled at the idea of being feminine, the world you’d have for the children of your children would probably not look much like The Future™ that is being given serious thought by academics, postmodern religious folks, and politicians alike. You might even see The Future™ as a terrible place where cause-and-effect has been replaced with a predetermined outcome that is often, for lack of a more accurate word, stupid.

I read not too long ago a great piece by one of my absolute favorite bloggers about the topic that got me thinking.

And then, I stumbled upon something that at first I mistook for parody on another website. As it turns out, the author was rather serious in equating genders and sexes with “systemic injustice”. As he stumbled throughout his post from one affirming leftist quotation to another, he attempted to argue that even Christianity opposes genders. This is a most curious conclusion. The Bible, more than any other book, is obsessed from start to finish with sex and the differences between men and women. From the very beginning of creation and before Adam sinned, there were two, one man and one woman, and the latter was the helpmate of the former. Before human civilization and the first children could be indoctrinated by GI Joe and Barbi, men and women knew who they were, and God said it was Very Good. Jesus Himself chose twelve men to be His disciples and His closest followers. Paul spends multiple chapters in multiple hand-written letters on the topic of sexes.

We can take a book like the Bible and call it outdated, but that would make us rather miserable followers of the message in it. We could call portions of it obsolete, but that would make us pretty powerful arbiters that we are not responsible enough to be. We can attempt to find ways to reread what is obvious in English and even more obvious in context, but that turns us into liars. It seems to me the only proper way to read the Bible is to read it as it is with the intent of conforming our minds instead of the other way round.

The problem may lie further upstream in the minds that come to similar conclusions with the silly person I encountered earlier. Among his various sources was a book called Finally Feminist, from which this gem of postmodern wisdom could be gleaned:

“Why would God call entirely equal sexes to deeply different roles? Why would one role be that of leadership and the other of submission if women and men are equal not only in status and dignity before God but in every other way as well?”

Men and women are simply not equal in “every other way as well”. Not in our biology, which is plain. Not in our minds, which requires some knowledge but not so very much that a person capable of writing should miss it. Not in our Theology, where mankind is linked with sexual difference more strongly than difference from age. No, it must be in our wills and our wills alone that men and women could ever be equal in every way. If the will is opposed by Natural Law, Intellect, and Divine Revelation, the only place left for it to take refuge is in emotion and feeling, and this is precisely where it finds itself. The entire notion of The Future™ is an emotional one. There is nothing particularly logical about arguing in favor of a world without sexual difference, but it certainly makes someone feel better that sees difference and inequality as evil. This is only because The Future™ has not yet been realized. When and if anything like it comes about, it will become clear that inequality can be created by equating two naturally different things in a far more profound way than creating distinctions, and that it is all the more likely to result in evil.

3 thoughts on “Battle For the Sexes”

  1. I will first start by saying that I thoroughly enjoyed this article. And I will be skimming through the attached link later. I will say that females were, key word, WERE, looked down upon far more than they should have been in the past. Few portions on the feminist movement were good to bring those problems to light. However, feminism has branched out too far into different aspects of the world. One of the worst being in philosophy.

    I guess the point that I want to make is that if any person is incapable of recognizing the difference between a man or women, or willing to state that there is a difference of any kind, then that person shall lose all credibility in my eyes. Hopefully the world will follow suit, but that may be asking of too much.

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