Solstice (2009 Album)

The title track is a piece I originally wrote back when I was a student at Frontier School of the Bible. I prayed one night that if God wanted me to spend much of my life writing music, that He’d give me the ability to do it in a way that confirmed it. I believe He did, and I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it. There are stories behind all of these songs, but I’ll be brief for now.

The first nine tracks were written in the past two years, and reflect several different styles that I write in. These were some of my favorite pieces from the ones I’ve worked on in the past, and I thought it would be nice to rework some of them to sound better. I work with synthesizers and at this point can’t afford too much, but I make a great deal of effort to have things come across well.

The next five tracks, entitled May, are a symphony dedicated to my least favorite month of the year. Whether it was breakups, divorce between those close to me, or whatever else, this month has always just held a great deal of pain, but I feel in the past year I’ve sort of overcome a lot of this, so I wrote the symphony to reflect it. It begins with a piece that was never intended to be a part of it, and builds into something dark, mysterious, and finally intense. The ending brings relief to the tension that was building throughout the rest of it.

And the final piece is the title piece I mentioned earlier: Solstice. I named it after a video game on the original Nintendo Entertainment System. Part of the drum beat and harmony reminded me of it as I was writing, so the name stuck ever since.