Mp3 Track Setter

I recently organized my music library using MusicBee, which I recommend. Before using the organization feature, I had to manually adjust all of the track numbers in about three dozen albums. Doing that by hand is a bit of a nightmare of tedium, so I wrote this tool to do it for me.

Mp3 Track Setter is an extremely simple console application that takes up to two parameters. The first (“/p”) specifies the path to a directory of mp3’s. The tool is designed with the idea that your mp3’s will be organized into folders already based on their albums (so, for example, you won’t have two Track 1’s in the same folder).

The tool looks for two consecutive digits in the name each track to decide what the track number ought to be. This can be error-prone, although it does stop at the first match so if your tracks are named something like “01 Song Number 35.mp3”, it will be assigned track 1. I have a lot of music from Dwelling of Duels, and some of the albums from that site don’t have track numbers in the titles, instead using ZZ, so the tool will also treat ‘ZZ’ as a substitute for a number.

For any track which doesn’t have a number (or which has a ‘ZZ’), the tool assigns track numbers starting at the highest assigned value so far to try and make sure each track has a unique number. You can fool it by having multiple tracks with the same numbers in them, but I didn’t need anything fancier, so your mileage may vary.

The other parameter, which is optional, is for multiple-folder situations (“/m”). Use this if you want to point to a folder which itself contains one or more mp3 folders as direct children. Useful if you have an artist (like the Dwelling of Duels stuff) with a consistent problem.

Mp3TrackSetter.exe /p="path" /m

        /p=[path to files] ... Specifies path to directory to process.
        /m ... Tells tool to look in immediate subdirectories for mp3's.

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